smash. (steal_yourcrown) wrote in mtv_addict,

Hopefully someone can help me with this..

How strict is TRL with ages to be on the show? I have reservations for 12/7 &I lied and told them that I'm 16 when I'm 15. Obviously I have no ID other than a school one, which doesn't say my birthdate so can I use that &be all "well it says I'm in 10th grade, so obviously I'm 15" (I happen to be younger than everyone in my grade) or will that not work? I'm 5'10" and look a lot older, so will they just let me in anyway or turn me away?

I know some TV shows could care less, but I'm not sure about this one.

I'm asking this because I'm not making someone drive me three hours to get stuck standing outside.
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